Why Main Line Anesthesia

The Main Line is a 30-mile stretch of suburbs northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Main Line is known for its beautiful homes, its excellent schools, and its proximity to Philadelphia.

It was originally settled by Quakers in the 17th century. The Quakers were a religious group that believed in simplicity and pacifism. They built small farms and mills along the Main Line, and they established a number of schools and colleges. The Main Line became a popular destination for wealthy Philadelphians in the 19th century. They built large estates and mansions along the Main Line, and they sent their children to the exclusive schools that were located there.

The Main Line is called so because of its location along the former main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The railroad was built in the 19th century and connected Philadelphia to the western suburbs. The railroad was a major transportation hub for the area and helped to make the Main Line a popular destination for wealthy Philadelphians.

I did aneathesiology residency at University of Pennsylvania, hence, the somewhat close connection to the Main Line area. My anesthesia work history includes private practice for 2 years following residency and now working for myself as a locums tenens anesthesiologist. I have learned a lot and am working on creating some useful content. I love tacos. Instagram and youtube is below.